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Cisco Intelligent Proximity is a suite of features that activates when you bring your mobile devices into proximity of Cisco video collaboration endpoints, personalizing and enhancing your experience. This innovative feature set lets you engage in richer collaboration experiences through your mobile devices.

Intelligent Proximity exists in two forms. The first is Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice, available now on the Cisco DX650Smart Desk endpoint. The second form, Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing, will be supported on Cisco room-based video endpoints, initially through beta trial with an iOS app called Cisco Proximity.

Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice – Available Now
With Release 10.1.1, DX650 users can wirelessly synch their iOS and Android mobile phone when it comes in close proximity. They can easily import and access contacts and call histories from their mobile phones to the DX650, which simplifies the process for call management.

In addition, users can move a call already in progress from their mobile device to the DX650, which takes advantage of the superior audio quality of their DX650 device and represents the first step in seamlessly integrating mobile devices into a desk environment.

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing* – in Beta Trial 
To further enhance and personalize your video collaboration, you will be able to automatically pair and synch your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with Cisco room-based video collaboration endpoints when they come within proximity. Once this happens, content shared on the video endpoints can also be viewed on your mobile device, optimizing the real estate of the video endpoints for people. You will also have the flexibility to save shared content from your mobile device, such as select PowerPoint slides, as well as review previously-shared content without interrupting the presenter.

Intelligent Proximity for Content Sharing is scheduled for release in April 2014 as a beta trial through an iOS app called Cisco Proximity. All of Cisco’s current TelePresence endpoints will be supported in the beta phase (C-Series, Profile, MX200, MX300, MX200 G2, MX300 G2, MX700, MX800, SX10, SX20 and SX80). Once fully released in late 2014, only Cisco’s latest generation of room-based video endpoints using Touch 10 will be supported. A version of Cisco Proximity for Android-based mobile devices is planned for early 2015.

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