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Cisco DX650 in the Retail Industry

Learn how Cisco’s DX650 can help delight your customers with an easier, more responsive shopping experience! In this video, the Cisco DX650 with Cisco Collaboration enables a customer at a kiosk to engage a remote expert to help with their purchase decision. It’s shopping made simple with satisfied customers who will repeat business with you.

Cisco DX650 in the Healthcare Industry

Up-to-the-minute results and attentive, high-quality service are priorities for quality patient-centered care. In this video, you’ll learn how Cisco’s DX650 with Cisco Collaboration helps both nurses and doctors access the latest lab results and connect with specialists, wherever they are, to provide quality case management.

Cisco DX650 in the Hospitality Industry

Business travel needs to be convenient and easy. Like being at your office. See how the Cisco DX650 with Cisco Collaboration delivers always-on access to a variety of guest services. Setting your business apart with the best possible guest experience.

Cisco DX650 in the Financial Industry

See how Cisco’s DX650 can help increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to more revenue opportunities for your organization! In this video, the Cisco DX650, with its built-in support of Cisco Collaboration, helps a customer secure a business loan and increase their potential return on investment in consultation with a remote advisor.

Find the Right Design for Your Organization

Flip through a variety of room designs and choose the room type that best fits your telepresence and video conferencing needs. Project Workplace provides technical drawings that show you how to set up the different meeting spaces, You’ll also find tutorials on other aspects of setting up meeting rooms. New update version whit the new …

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Get Personal with Your Mobile Device

Cisco Intelligent Proximity is a suite of features that activates when you bring your mobile devices into proximity of Cisco video collaboration endpoints, personalizing and enhancing your experience. This innovative feature set lets you engage in richer collaboration experiences through your mobile devices. Intelligent Proximity exists in two forms. The first is Intelligent Proximity for …

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Cisco Telepresence System Maintenance and cleaning

Profile, C, EX, SX, MX,   Vacuum cleaning   After any vacuum cleaning of the room, verify that no power cables have been loosened. [notice]Caution – The vacuum cleaner must never be connected to any of the PC power outlets of the table![/notice]   Touch The screen should be cleaned using the screen cleaning cloth that …

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