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New TC 7.2.1 software is released

This is a bug fix version of TC7.2.1 •    Fix for ShellShock •    Fix for Precision 60 camera reboot issue Please read the release notes and download it her.

New endpoint software is out now (TC7.2.0)

  New features and functionality in TC7.2.0 Support for Touch 10″ network pairing for all new endpoints Improved failover support for endpoints registered through Collaboration Edge Intelligent Proximity with slide change detection on MX200 G2, MX300 G2 and SX20 Added new provisioning parameters that can be provisioned from CUCM (10.5) Briefing room mode for specific …

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New version of TC Console 7.1.2

New version of TC Console is out now to Windows/MAC and Linux version 7.1.2 Get it here

Collaboration for Everyone

John Chambers and Rowan Trollope share their perspective on the evolution of video collaboration at Cisco.

Cisco Project Workplace Makes Business Video Easy

  Quickly and easily find the best video collaboration option for your organization with the Interactive Project Workplace Tool. Learn more

Richer Collaboration with BYOD

Henrik Bakken and Kim Nguyen discuss how the two flavors of Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity take BYOD to the next level at Infocomm 2014.

ROKA Sports | Collaboration in Real Time Wins Races

When fractions of a second count, you need to rely on the right people and the right technology. Learn how Cisco Collaboration helps ROKA share their biggest and innovative ideas to give themselves and their athletes a winning advantage.  

New TC7.1.4 software on CCO

Cisco TelePresence System C/SX/EX/MX/Profile Series software release version TC 7.1.4 is now on CCO. Release notes TC7.1.4

Video Collaboration Everywhere and at Every Desk

Experience “better-than-being-there” with next-generation video collaboration from Cisco. This video features new products announced at Cisco Live US 2014.

Cisco TC Console for Codec C90, C60, C40 and SX80

Don´t forget to use the Cisco TC Console application that lets you customize different parts of Cisco TelePresence System Codec C90, Codec C60, Codec C40 and SX80 codec. It will allow you to create profiles which can be applied to the codec at a later time, or you can configure the system in real-time. Video …

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