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Be Everywhere With Video Collaboration

Experience “better-than-being-there” with next-generation video collaboration from Cisco. Learn more about how video collaboration can transform your business:

Out of the Corner Office, Into Every Office – New Collaboration Endpoints

PRESS RELEASE FROM CISCO Out of the Corner Office, Into Every Office: Cisco Sets the New Bar for Enterprise Collaboration With Products Capable of Completely Changing How Team Market leader in business collaboration delivers enhancements that enable mobile and distributed teams to connect through a “better than being there” experience SAN JOSE, Calif. – March …

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Get Personal with Your Mobile Device

Cisco Intelligent Proximity is a suite of features that activates when you bring your mobile devices into proximity of Cisco video collaboration endpoints, personalizing and enhancing your experience. This innovative feature set lets you engage in richer collaboration experiences through your mobile devices. Intelligent Proximity exists in two forms. The first is Intelligent Proximity for …

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Cisco TelePresence testing in the UK

See Active Speakers Up Close and Personal with SpeakerTrack 60

Learn more about SpeakerTrack 60: SpeakerTrack 60 is a dual-camera system that uses microphone triangulation and facial recognition to automatically track down the active speaker in a meeting room and provide the far end participants a much better view of the speaker. An unparalleled dual-camera approach has one camera trained on the current active …

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Extension Mobility Turns Shared Cisco TelePresence Endpoints into Personal Devices

Learn more about Cisco TelePresence System EX Series: Learn more about Cisco TelePresence MX Series: With Extension Mobility enabled by Cisco Unified Communications Manager, you can take your preferences, call history, and identity with you even when away from your office and using a shared Cisco TelePresence device. This means you can just …

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Share Content on your Mobile Devices with Intelligent Proximity

Learn more about Cisco TelePresence System EX Series: Learn more about Cisco TelePresence MX Series: Intelligent Proximity allows your Cisco TelePresence endpoint to sync with your cell phone, laptop and tablet when in close proximity to view content on the mobile device and leave the telepresence screen real estate dedicated to video. This …

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Video Enable Every Meeting Room with the Cisco MX300 G2

Learn more about Cisco TelePresence MX Series: Scandinavian simplicity with Californian approachability creates a sleek, new MX300 G2, which brings together aesthetics, functionality, and ease of use. Support for dual display lets users add an additional monitor for content viewing, and optional embedded four-way conferencing that lets users add three additional parties to a …

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TelePresence Testing in the UK