Intelligent Proximity how to enable ?

To use Intelligent Proximity, you will need a video endpoint EX/MX/C/PROFILE/SX running TC Software Release 6.3 or newer.

For pairing it is using ultrasound, after this the communication is https on WIFI.

A piece of paper can stop the ultrasound, so the you leave the room, you will lose the connection to the codec, then the iPad/iPhone can´t hear the ultrasound. It is not possible to stand in the hallway whit closed doors and see the presentation, do to that the ultrasound can´t go through the door.
[notice]Warning: This is an experimental feature in TC 6.3 and is only intended for demonstrations. Enabling this feature might impact system performance, stability and security. It is not recommended to leave this enabled on production systems. [/notice]

There are 3 ways of enabling Intelligent Proximity:

Using the Remote Control

  •     Open the menu and navigate to Settings -> Administrator settings -> Advanced configuration
  •     In the search field type “byod”
  •     Make sure “Experimental Byod Mode” is set to “On”
  •     In the search field again, type “https”
  •     Make sure “NetworkServices HTTPS Mode” is set to “On”
  •     Intelligent Proximity is now enabled


Through Web Interface

  •     Open your web-browser
  •     Enter the ip-address or the hostname of the video endpoint in the address field
  •     Enter username and password
  •     In the menu, select “Configuration” and “System Configuration”
  •     In the search field type “byod”
  •     Under “Experimental Byod”, make sure “Mode” is set to “On”
  •     In the search field again, type “https”
  •     Under “NetworkServices HTTPS”, make sure “Mode” is set to “On”
  •     Click save
  •     Inetlligent Proximity is now enabled


Through Telnet/SSH Interface

  • xConfiguration Experimental Byod Mode: On
  • xconfiguration NetworkServices HTTP Mode:On


The volume of the ultrasound can also be adjusted:

xConfiguration Experimental AudioPair DemoMode: On (disable automatic volume adjustment)
xConfiguration Experimental AudioPair Volume: 70 (0-100, 70 is default)

Regarding hanging up the call, Cisco are aware of this and this might be improved so that Cisco can prevent random meeting participants being able to hang up the call.

But for the time being the app is “use on your own risk”.


In TC 7.1 software or later, Cisco only supports Cisco Proximity on SX10, SX20, SX80, MX200 G2, MX300 G2, MX700 and MX800 endpoints.

[important]Rember to enable it before upgrading to TC7.1 on non-supported devices, and it will still work.[/important]



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Post update 13 May 2014.


BYOD mode reintroduced as experimental on EX, MX G1 and C series in TC 7.1.2

BYOD Mode as an experimental configuration for EX, MX G1 and C series was removed from the TC7.1 release. This was due to performance limitations on those platforms. As the removal raised concerns that this would limit our abilities to demonstrate the value of this feature, we have decided to reintroduce the experimental BYOD mode configuration for the above products in TC7.1.2.

[notice] This is an unsupported feature that will not see further development and bug fixing on the EX, MX G1 and C series platforms. This means that there will not be any TAC support for the feature itself, and TAC will request customers to turn off BYOD mode for problem resolution on other issues.[/notice]

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